Gold Serving Tray. Round Shape. Multifunctional Tray. Stainless Steel. (29 cm)

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Decorative Multifunctional Tray. Round Stainless Steel Serving Tray. 
Colour: Gold & Black
Dimensions: Height: 5 cm x Diameter: 29 cm  
Shelf Plate Diameter: 27 cm

Is the product in the photo and the product I purchased the same?
 Of course. All our products are the same as the image.
 There are no accessories used while picturing on the product.
Is the colour of the metal parts permanent?
 Our designs are as clear and bright as you see in the images with a special coating method. It is produced with techniques that you can use for many years with the same quality and brightness.
 Products that go through the Nickel, Chrome and Silver-Plating process and make a difference with their electrical colouring work can now reach your home at a much more affordable price from the luxury segment.
 Since the wires or irons, you see in other alternative products are produced with oven paint, wet paint, or hand painting method, they lose their first-day properties in a short time. The paint quality cannot provide the brightness seen in the pictures; It does not have water, moisture, and corrosion resistance.
What are the areas of use?
 It can be used for multiple purposes in your kitchen, bathroom, living and study room, living room, and all areas. Thanks to its easy assembly and rational design, you can add a brand-new modern atmosphere to your home by installing it in a few minutes.


Customer Reviews

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Maggie A
A far cry from the picture

Poor quality and not worth the cost, one purchase I regret.

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