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Elevate Your Tea and Coffee Experience with Our Glass Mugs - Pack of 6!

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Sip in style with our Glass Mugs with Handle - the perfect addition to your tea and coffee rituals. This set of 6 elegant glass mugs is designed to enhance the flavors and aesthetics of your favorite hot beverages.

Key Features:

Set of 6 Mugs: Our package includes six high-quality glass mugs with handles, making them a great choice for both solo moments and gatherings with friends and family.

🍵 Versatile Capacity: With a generous 300 cc/ml volume, these mugs are versatile enough to accommodate your morning coffee, soothing tea, or creamy cappuccino.

🌟 Stylish Design: Crafted with attention to detail, these mugs feature a sleek design with ideal dimensions (105 mm height, 82 mm rim diameter, 55 mm base diameter) that fits perfectly in your hand and on your tabletop.

🧼 Easy Maintenance: After you've enjoyed your beverage, simply place these mugs in the dishwasher for hassle-free cleanup, allowing you to relax and savor the moment.

Perfect for Every Day: Elevate your daily coffee or tea routine with these glass mugs. Their crystal-clear appearance adds an element of sophistication to your morning rituals.

🏠 Commercial and Home Use: Whether you're running a bustling coffee shop or enjoying a quiet morning at home, these mugs are versatile and suited for both commercial and domestic settings.

Why Choose Our Glass Mugs with Handle?

Enjoy your hot drinks like never before with these stylish and practical glass mugs. The clarity of the glass allows you to appreciate the colors and aromas of your beverages, enhancing your overall experience.

Elevate your tea and coffee moments. Order your set of 6 Glass Mugs with Handle today and make every sip a special occasion!

SKU VEG422F_Glass Mug_Clear - Pack of 6

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Joan Briggs

good size glass, useful