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Hanging Balcony Flower Pots. (6.3L)

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Hanging Planter Plant Pot.

Garden Fence Balcony Railing Flowerpot.


Package Quantity: Hanging Flowerpot

Dimensions: Height: 26cm. Length: 37.5cm. Width: 19cm.

Colour: Anthracite


Our Hanging Planter Plant Pots, designed specifically for your garden fence or balcony railing.

These flowerpots feature a decorative sand effect flower basket design and are made from strong plastic.

Each pot has a generous capacity of 6.3 Liters and comes with an adjustable balance apparatus sent inside.



Our hanging planter plant pots are crafted to enhance the beauty of your garden fence or balcony railing.

With a decorative sand effect flower basket design, these pots add a touch of elegance and charm to your outdoor space, creating a delightful display of blooming flowers or lush greenery.


Strong Plastic Construction

These pots are made from strong plastic material, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

The sturdy plastic construction allows the pots to withstand outdoor conditions, including sunlight, rain, and other weather elements, without fading, cracking, or breaking.


Spacious Capacity

Each pot has a generous capacity of 6.3 Liters, providing ample space for your favourite plants to grow and thrive.

The sizable capacity allows for healthy root development and gives your plants enough soil to flourish, promoting optimal growth and longevity.


Adjustable Balance Apparatus

Inside each pot, you will find an adjustable balance apparatus. This convenient apparatus allows you to easily adjust and secure the pot's balance when hanging it on your garden fence or balcony railing.

It ensures stability, preventing excessive tilting or swinging, and keeping your plants secure.


Decorative Sand Effect Flower Basket

These hanging plant pots feature a flower basket design with a decorative sand effect finish.

The textured surface adds a natural and charming look to the pots, enhancing their visual appeal and complementing your outdoor decor.


Easy Hanging

The pots are designed for easy hanging on garden fences, balcony railings, or other suitable surfaces.


Drainage System

Each pot is equipped with pre-drilled drainage holes to ensure proper water drainage, preventing waterlogging, and promoting healthy plant growth.

This helps to maintain the overall health of your plants by preventing root rot and overwatering.

SKU SH-220_Hanging Flower Pot_Anthracite_Single

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