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(Set of 3) Food Storage Containers Set. Airtgiht Lid. Rectangular Food Box.

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Introducing our Set of 3 Airtight Food Storage Containers, designed to keep your kitchen pantry organized and your food fresh. 

This set includes containers of three different heights: 

22 cm (2.7L), 15 cm (1.75L), and 7.5 cm (0.7L),

 each featuring sturdy bottoms (10x15 cm) and tops (16x11 cm) to ensure long-lasting durability. 

The clear bodies and white lids provide a clean and modern look.

1.   Airtight Seal: These containers are equipped with airtight lids to keep your 
food fresh and protect it from moisture, pests, and air.

2.   BPA-Free Material: Our containers are made from BPA-free materials, 
ensuring the safety of your stored food items.

3.   Multiple Sizes: The set includes containers of different heights to 
accommodate a variety of food items, from cereals to snacks and more.

4.   Durable Design: The containers are built to last, 
with sturdy bottoms and tops that maintain their shape and integrity over time.

5.   Clear Body: The clear containers allow you to easily identify the 
contents and quantities at a glance.

6.   Easy to Clean: The smooth surfaces and removable lids make these 
containers easy to clean and maintain.

Product Specifications:


Set Includes: 3 Airtight Food Storage Containers
Container Heights: 22 cm (2.7L), 15 cm (1.75L), 7.5 cm (0.7L)
Container Dimensions: Bottom - 10x15 cm, Top - 16x11 cm
Material: BPA-Free Plastic
Lid Color: White

Package Includes:
1 x 2.7L Container
1 x 1.75L Container
1 x 0.7L Container

Upgrade your kitchen storage with our Set of 3 Airtight Food Storage Containers. 
Keep your pantry organized and your food fresh, all while adding a touch of modern style.

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SKU KV-150_3pcs Storage Container_White

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